I Don’t Know Quite What

Emotions seem to run this world.  If I have learned anything it is to not let emotion ‘take me away’ …  EITHER way!!!  That ‘downward spiral’ is easy to spot.  But to say “don’t get too happy” seems sacrilegious … ‘cause even those wonderful emotional imaginings ‘cloud’ Reality.

I wrote this a while back:  “I am amazed at how I was experiencing/viewing my world through a particular story I was telling myself inside my head.  That story absolutely ‘colored’ my Life.  I am now viewing that particular portion of my life for the truth it is for probably the first time.”

Doesn’t matter if the ‘story’ is a good one or a bad one.  Reality doesn’t go away.  It is just there in front of you and ‘you’ have to deal.  Perhaps these ‘stories’ are buffers we create until we can handle the truth of our Reality? … until we are able to adapt  to our present situation?

Here … I just read this: “Evolution is the change in a population over time. Many adaptations are necessary for evolution to work.”

And I don’t know what to say about all that except that I think we can be more … and I’m not even sure what I mean by that.  I just am on the lookout for ‘I Don’t Know Quite What.’

I leave you with one last quote from Xellex, by Carlos Dwa:  “This Movement, This Activity … flows from the future.  As genetic past survives in man, so too does the promise of the possibilities that he someday may have  …  This Activity is like the exploration of a territory that does not yet exist.”

… Come explore some fresh territory … bowls provide that possibility …