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THE ART OF BALANCE  combines two very powerful forces – the energy of pure crystal ‘singing’ bowls, and the energy of your very own chakra system.  Together creating the ‘perfect storm’ to repair, recharge and refocus YOU.

This meditation gently guides you through each chakra level, allowing a space to reflect and rebalance.  Seven different quartz crystal bowls are used – each tuned to a specific chakra frequency.  The tones of singing bowls quickly and effectively take you out of ordinary reality, allowing a glimpse to your inner power.

CHAKRAS are YOUR energy and are focal points for the reception and transmission of Life energy.   Chakras can be over-active/too open, under-active/too closed, or balanced.   Every person has their own unique ‘shifting’ to do in order to be balanced.  Balancing chakra energy is kind of like adjusting a combination lock—once all is ‘lined up,’ the lock opens—Life energy freely comes in, igniting the power of YOU and the miraculous in your life.


“I just wanted to thank you for the copy of your CD.  It took me to a really relaxing place from which I was able to get in touch with myself — and, I feel like a brand new person, as I am so refreshed.  What more could anyone ask for?!” … (C.S.)

“… it was a very soothing experience.  The whole presentation was just great!  I see it helping many, many souls in need of uplifting.” … (R.R.)

“Your CD is so beautiful, your voice is magnificient and of course the bowls sound amazing.  Thank you so much for sending this special gift to me.”  (B.T.)

“I wanted to let you know that your meditations on the CD are awesome and very well loved.  I purchased a copy when it first came out and use it at least once or twice per week.  The tones are touchstones and your voice is a great way to sink into the meditation.  Thanks for the constant uplifting message.  I gave a copy to my family and they report renewed energy and a calmness even when life is creating tornadoes of chaos in their life.  ” … (K.F.)

“OMG, that CD is just incredible!!!” … (B.R.)