A Forward View

a forward view

a forward view

Life certainly amazes.  It can be so full of serendipities, connections, possibilities … things from ‘off your radar’ that for some reason or another … and I still don’t quite know how … but in some crazy way (if you are not totally snoozing away) you can ‘feel’ those possibilities ‘out’ there … hovering.  And sometimes I don’t think they have even taken shape yet as they ‘hover’ on your ‘horizon’.  These ‘possibilities’ seem to take form as you take forward action toward it … action that is not based on the past (the ‘radar screen’).  The past is ‘dead’ … and anything created from the energy of the past is ‘dead’ … is not ‘alive’  … does not have LIFE.  It is dead works.  Just look around you … most of the decisions of our future are based on facts/experiences from the past … no wonder we have a ‘dead’ future. The past is only good for understanding your current state of affairs … your Now.  The future?? … well that requires an entirely different energy.

Look ‘forward’.  Opening to the unknown takes a true ‘warrior’ because you usually don’t even know what it is you are stretching for … yet you keep moving … forward.  And that’s when the magic happens.  That’s when things just seem to ‘fall into place’ …. opportunities present themselves.  I’m not saying you will become rich and famous … you might … but for most of us it will lead toward a more balanced/peaceful existence.  The key is … just when you begin to feel the fringes of “oh all is hopeless” … STOP that!   Cease the ‘beginnings of hopelessness’ … look it in the ‘eye’ and don’t ‘blink’!!!  Don’t let it hook you and pull you back down into ‘ordinary-ness’.  I’m not here to be ordinary.

Take forward action toward possibilities you cannot even imagine at this moment.  Create a living, breathing, alive future.  The energy of a ‘future’ possibility(s) is always out there … waiting for you to ‘feel’ it … waiting for your energy to meld with the energy of ‘it’ and give it ‘life’ …. give it ‘birth’ … to ‘bring’ it into the physical.  We ‘create’ …. it doesn’t matter what Life throws at you … you still create.

The bowls provide a sonic canvas for the unique ‘artwork’ of your life … embrace the ‘masterpiece’ you already are