Bowls & Restorative Yoga

Bowls & Restorative Yoga

More and more, people are discovering the amazing power of sound for both healing and spiritual development … instruments such as tuning forks, gongs, didgeridoos, and singing bowls. What people are finding is that the sonic vibrations from these instruments effect a positive change in both mind and body … bringing harmony into every cell of your being.

I play up to nine quartz crystal and five metal singing bowls.  My sessions can be thought of as a mesmerizingly unique sonic experience that not only is heard with the ears but also felt within the body … a 45 minute emersion into the vibration and tones of crystal singing bowls.

Some people use a singing bowl session as a backdrop for their meditation practice. The absolute power and sound of singing bowls engages the mind … which helps to quiet mental chatter … enabling access to areas of the mind which are normally not accessible. Many report an expansion into higher states of awareness/consciousness.

Some use singing bowls as a sound healing modality. Exposure to the tones of bowls can help balance all systems of the body … bringing lasting change in both the mind and physical body. As a sound healing modality, bowls are regarded as energy/vibrational medicine … similar to acupressure, reiki … in that energy is being moved. I happen to move it with the power of sound. Blockages are released and a balanced free flow of Life energy is restored. I believe that any movement away from dis-ease is a movement towards health.

Bowl sessions can be used as an occasional ‘tune-up’ (ha!) … helping to bring balance to the physical, emotional & mental bodies. The most common thing I see bowls being used for right now is in stress reduction. A bowl session is like a complete TIME OUT from all that is OUT THERE. Sessions help to balance emotional issues such as depression, fatigue, anger, lonliness, fear. Sessions can be used for pain management — I have had monthly sessions at two Cancer Centers. One of my cancer patients said, “It’s like getting 8 hours of sleep in 1 hour!”

Kula Yoga Stanhope NJ July 2012

Kula Yoga
Stanhope NJ
July 2012

And for some, bowls provide the backdrop for unique personal experiences. Many reports of visual images, pulsating colors, shapes/symbols. Some have out-of-body-experiences. Some just come with a question/concern, and then ‘see’ what comes up as a possible solution.

But no matter what your personal purpose may be … a bowl session provides a feeling of deep relaxation, peace and a connectedness to a place out of our ‘normal’ waking consciousness. I offer a sonic tapestry for you to ‘weave’ your own unique experience. So come … relax into the edgeless energy of YOU ….


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